To: Todd Arms ; D.A. Kunzi
CC: Department of Justice, ACLU, Harry Reid, Inspector General, Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Nevada Bar, millions of my Facebook & web blog fans

1520 East Basin, Suite 107
P.O. Box 39
Pahrump, NV 89049

Please update the burglary, grand larceny, etc. vs Silvia Castillo & add Joseph Fenton to it as his blood father James Butler (I believe is his last name) contacted me to confess what Joey did & we called the sheriffs & officer Slack, Trumble, Canon, have all been involved in this fiasco. 1/50th of my property was retrieved recently when Joey was jailed & Joeys blood father filed a report as did I & Officer Slack came too the scene. Silvia also violated a restraining order the last Saturday of January (the 28th..Officer SLACK took the call & promised to arrest her); left threatening erratic note on my SUV & carried out those threats by attacking me early am 2-3-2012. So; that's 2 restraining order violations in ONE WEEK & an assault.
Silvia Castillo admitted on video to giving Joey Fenton MY PROPERTY KEYS while I was in jail 1-1-2012 - 1-12-2012 on the initial charges stemming from her assaulting me, coming at me with a knife & because she hid the knife, lied & in the end fell off my bus & had worse injuries than I; I got jailed .. She and Joey threw meth parties as I was in jail..
Joey Fenton's father admitted Joey was involved in BOTH robberies; as the latest 2-3-2012 - 3-7-2012 robbery resulted in vandalism, destruction of property, grand larceny (again).. Joeys name is // was on a pawn shop ticket for one of my laptops.. And Acer.. And possibly my generator, etc..
Silvia; I'm sure will, or has testified vs Joey; as she is in custody for assault, 2 TRO violations, burglary, child support evasion, skipping court on pot sale charges, & God knows what else. Joey just got released on possession of narcotics (prescription) & I now have a restraining order against him for the burglaries & vandalism’s listed above.
Please forward this link, video & new info to Detective Arms as we spoke the other day & he is eager to help.
I am also EAGER to help get every & any METH ADDICT thief off the streets.... Any way I CAN HELP YOU GUYS ON THE DOWN LOW to nab these devil scum; PLEASE let me know?????? I'll do it for free; just give me a Dollar Store Sheriffs badge & free coffee. I'll even wear a wire or a web cam to set up tweaker scum!!

On 2-3-2012, when Silvia Castillo violated the Restraining Order twice in one week (1-28-2012), entered my camper while I was sleeping & attacked me. The Sheriffs took pictures of my bruises, etc. If Silvia Castillo is not charged with assault, violating a restraining order twice in one week; I if Joey Fenton is not charged in the two burglary / grand larcenies that occurred while I was in jail, I will legally hole the Sheriffs (Officer Mendoza; since Silvia Castillo has her own property & residence) & D.A.’s office responsible for what was lost, stolen, or damaged. I have video evidence of the thousands of dollars worth of property stolen by Silvia & Joey. On a side note; I am taking my appeal for the Domestic battery conviction to the Supreme Court if I have to as a mentally ill lunatic with a prior history of assaulting people (“God told her to do it the last time”) who lied on a police report & later admitted in court to instigating the assault; (in my opinion to set me up so she & Joey Fenton could METH / Pawn off my property) the law of SELF DEFENSE clearly states by the rule of law: HE or SHE who instigates an assault is the criminal; not the victim no matter who ends up with more injuries in the end. The knife she came at me with is on video & millions have seen it. The machete she falsely claims was used in the alleged incident had no blood, skin, or anything incriminating on it or it would have been brought into court. She is a delusional liar, & a closet meth addict thief. Mental cases with a prior history of assault who are a danger to themselves & others belong in a mental institution, not testifying nor walking the streets. I don’t even wish prison on her. Just life in a mental institution & for her to pay restitution when & if she is ever released & given Social Security Disability. She can pay me $300 per month till she pays back what was stolen, damaged, etc. I won’t even get into me firing Harry Kuehn in person, by mail & in court & being denied the right to do so; that’s where the ACLU, Nevada Bar, Department of Justice, etc. come in.

Read PSALM 109 when you have the chance. It fits this entire Lifetime Made For TV NYELIGHTZONE reality show to a “T”.
Thanks, God bless,
Pete Helfrich